The Chaste Woman

Revolutionising the way for the eclectic, assertive & independent woman who dares to walk off the beaten track. Chaste is the epitome of confidence within one’s sensuality, catering to the diverse woman that revels in celebrating her authenticity in the most real & honest way. It gives her; an anomaly, the freedom & flight to reclaim her sensuality. Chaste is for the woman whose madness is genius, who chooses to see things differently, who is not restricted by rules & isn’t defined by the status quo.

She is the type of girl that you won’t forget; free from the repression & stigma that has long been associated with embracing a women’s sensuality. She is open about her sensuality, to talk about it, to enjoy it. Chaste has no desire to serve to the masses with a one size fits all experience & product. Chaste isn’t for everyone & that is exactly why it is set apart in the industry. It resonates with a very diverse set of women who all have one thing in common. They march to the beat of their own drum and do so unapologetically.

She could be that girl floating in a turquoise sea who falls in love with each wave and craves the feel of sand in between her toes. She could be that girl clothed in silk chiffon who dances to the mariachi band under the starlight of a foreign land. She never follows the crowd and that is exactly why she stands out in one. 

She is grounded, filled with passion & a determination of immovable decisiveness, she embodies sophistication and regal presence that transcends time. Chaste was created to cater for her, to illuminate all that she is. It praises her because there is a familiarity they share, a celebration of empowerment & freedom. That is how Chaste can recongise it in her because they share the same spirit & carry the same dreams, nature and heart. It was created for her because Chaste is an extension of her.