Demolishing that chocolate block in one sitting? Read This...

When self control doesn't hit the spot let your 5 senses become your saviour.

Hello to all of the sweet lovers out there!

Now we get it, we LOVE chocolate. It's a natural guilty pleasure that we crave at the best of times (& the worst of times). You know what I'm talking about. We have all been there, where a seemingly innocent block of Cadbury's Chocolate is devoured quicker than a blink of the eye. Unfortunately 9 out of 10 times after overindulging, you're left feeling unsatisfied, guilty & not sugar coating feeling pretty shitty both mentally & physically.

Today we want to talk about how to tap into your 5 senses & effectively use them to allow you to have your chocolate & eat it too! 

 Rule#1 'The Crave - Intuitive Listening'

This is the initial overwhelming feeling of 'I need chocolate in my belly NOW'. You source this milky goodness by any means possible, which could include a late night drive to the servo in your pjs - there is no shame in such ventures, we have all been there. As soon as you get in the car you are already devoured half the block & there is no stopping you now.

Action: Give yourself time to acknowledge the craving. Ask yourself what is making you feel this intense craving. Are you stressed? Are you ovulating or on your period? Listen to what your body is telling you. Your inner dialogue here is important to really initiate self-control & by getting to the source you will be more mindful of how you proceed.

Rule#2 'The Moment of Truth - Present Touch'

Now that you are actively listening & have your treat in grasp we want you to prolong instant gratification by using your sense of touch. Use these moments prior to ripping into the packet to be present & excited.   

Action: From opening the wrapper to breaking off  each piece, enjoy & savour every texture between your fingertips. We are a big fan of taking that process to the next level by melting 3 pieces of chocolate & observing the texture change from a solid to liquid velvet goodness. 

Rule#3 'Get Creative - Activate Sight'

Take the whole experience to the next level by activating sight. Although sight is not technically part of taste, it certainly influences perception. Interestingly, food & drink are identified predominantly by the senses of smell & sight, & surprisingly not taste. So use this to your advantage by mixing up the setting & you will be more inclined to overcome the impulse to mindlessly eat.

Action: Find a dainty small jar / shot glass (choose wisely here) & layer your melted or whole chocolate with your desired berry/fruit along with yogurt or coconut cream. These are all healthier alternatives to elevate the experience & remove temptation. 

Rule#4 'Appreciation - Breathe In'

To our brains, flavour is actually a fusion of a food's taste, smell & touch into a single sensation. Use your sense of smell to anticipate what is to come in a very organic & primal way.

Action: Look at your little masterpiece that you have created & really take in every aroma. It is so vital to really just take a moment to heighten your senses by taking a few minutes to really appreciate what we are putting into our bodies. 

Rule#5 ' Taste Bud Ready'

Dig in darling, you have earned it. Take you time to savour each texture, flavour & sensation. 

By following this process & using your 5 senses you will be more mindful when it comes to overcoming the temptation to overindulge. 

Here's to enjoying your well deserved appetising chocolate art & seeing that block withstand for over a week in the cupboard ;)